Sunday, December 28, 2008


Matt Millen, kill yourself you worthless piece of ____.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry **********ing Christmas

Have a good holiday world.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This isn't really all that impressive

But hey, it's something.

Not much to say lately. I am now a radio host, which is both frightening and exciting.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Andre Miller Welcomes Us To December

Damn. Rose has no respect for his elders.

Don't look now, but Devin Harris is the best point guard in the East. That's right, in the entire conference. Avery Johnson and Mark Cuban can't be feeling too good. He just put 47 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds on the team supposedly known as the Suns. Kid is serious. Also, why are the Suns running their offense through a declining 36 year old big man? Just wondering....

Pistons are 6-6 with Iverson and 0-4 on Sundays. This team is just not there. I still say give it some time, but I'm losing hope. The offense looks non-existent at times, no one wants to move.

I'm trying to think of a reason why the Lakers won't win 70+ games this year. After an hour of thinking, the only thing I can come up with is Lamar Odom.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Larry Hughes hit a game winning shot

And now I basically feel like I can try anything and succeed.

It's not that I'm a hater (an overused term by people who are desperate to feel important), but it's just Larry Hughes.

More Hamiltonilization:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have nothing important to say. I am 20 now. Congratulations self.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States. Change in the white house! But it will be interesting to watch when people realize he's a politician. Broken promises are going to happen. Nothing's going to be more important than stabilizing the economy, so certain things won't happen. Hopefully he can do a good job. There is a certain group of people thinking his presidency will mean he's going to help them. I doubt it's going to be the case.

His election takes an excuse away from some Black folk who like to say they can't do this and that because they are Black. A Black president won't solve the problems of Black people, but hopefully it'll motivate them to actually do something purposeful with their lives, stop claiming some low income neighborhood, and make it so your children are in a position to succeed, not going through the same issues you had.

Allen Iverson is now on the Pistons. So far, so good. 0-2, going into a West Coast Road Trip. Someone needs to tell Rasheed he's 6'11", because 8 threes won't cut it. Against Boston mind you. Stuckey has been getting toasted on defense, it's embarrassing. But I'm willing to give this team a chance. The old starting line-up with Chauncey ranks 2nd in NBA history amongst games played together in the same starting line-up. It was about 5 years. And Iverson is a shocking change from Mr. I Haven't Hit A Big Shot in 3 Years. They need time to gel, and they'll be fine. They won't win the championship though, so I guess that's a failure in most Pistons fans eyes.

Big things possibly going on with me this week. We'll see, and hopefully I have good news to report next week. Otherwise I won't mention it at all.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Michigan Voter Guide for November 4th

This is a monumental election not just because of who is involved, but because of the times we are in. The economy, the future of the war in Iraq, tax plans, health care, etc. 98% of eligible Michigan voters are registered to vote according to The Detroit News. (1) That's an amazing statistic, but it doesn't stop there. We got to get out to the polls and make informed choices. Hopefully you are already aware of all these issues, but just in case I wanted to get this all out there.

Presidential Election
Obviously this is the biggest thing on the ballot. Democrat, Republican, or other? First minority Presidential Elect, first female Vice President, or Bob Barr? It doesn't matter which way you vote, just that you vote and do so for good reason. Not because you've let campaign fearmongering get to your head. Vote for the issues, not the appearances. Most of all, vote for yourself.

Some good sites to get you more caught up on some of the issues are:

COALITION FOR COMPASSIONATE CARE: Initiative petition approved as to form June 6, 2007; signatures filed November 20, 2007; petition determined sufficient March 3, 2008; proposal language certified to State Legislature March 3, 2008; 40-day consideration period reserved for State Legislature elapsed April 12, 2008.
Purpose: Legislative initiative to allow under state law the medical use of marihuana.
Contact: Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care, P.O. Box 20489, Ferndale,
Michigan 48220. Dianne Byrum (517) 333-1606.
STEM CELL RESEARCH: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008; signatures filed July 7, 2008; petition determined sufficient August 21, 2008.
Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to permit with certain limitations stem cell research in Michigan.
Contact: Stem Cell Research BQC, P.O. Box 20216, Lansing, Michigan 48901. Mark Burton (517) 974-4004.

Proposal 1
I encourage you to read the full language in link 2 provided below, but a basic summary is that the proposal would allow medicinal marijuana use for patients with severe illnesses and absolve their doctors from charges to prescribing it. provides some great insight on it here (, including these important tidbits:
# The statute only protects medicinal use of marijuana from Michigan criminal laws, not Federal prosecution.

# Legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use opens up the state’s ability to regulate it in terms of purity and strength. It can also then be taxed.

Proposal 2

The Embryonic Stem Cell Research proposal. This is a sticky issue, especially for the religious bunch. This proposal would basically allow Embryonic Stem Cell Research and absolve it from local and state regulation. You can get a right-wing perspective on this bill here ( which also addresses some of the issues the more religious of us may have. A key fact from
The slippery slope argument regarding embryonic stem cell research is taken to an extreme by the main opponent to the proposal, Michigan Citizens Against Unrestricted Science & Experimentation (MiCAUSE). The group argues that opening the door to embryonic stem cell research will ultimately lead to human cloning, animal/human hybrids and higher taxes, all consequences that fall outside of the actual language of Proposal 2. For instance, the “2 goes 2 far” television ads peppered on the air waves state that similar proposals in other states cost taxpayers shovels full of money. The ad is misleading because the states in question included state funding within their proposals while Michigan’s Proposal 2 does not.

I've seen those ads and they made me reconsider my stance of Prop 2, so I feel its important that we recognize there is no langauge in the Proposal that includes state funding.

State and Local Elections
I'm going to go out on a non-so-long limb and guess that not everyone is really up on the smaller elections going on. I will be the first to admit I need to read the very site I'm about to recommend.

Election 2008 Michigan Voter's Guide
This link will get you informed on all the smaller races, from state senate to the township. Check it out.

I hope someone reads this and learns something. If not, I learned something putting it together. Get out and vote people!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Larry Hughes Injured? Nooooo.

That's a condescending "Nooooo" by the way.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
October 24, 2008

Larry Hughes was optimistic Thursday he will be back well before the six-to-eight-week time frame he initially was given after dislocating his right shoulder in the Bulls' 85-75 victory Wednesday night at Minnesota.

''I'm pretty positive it won't take me that long to get back on the court,'' said Hughes, who was wearing a sling. ''It's kind of a weird thing the MRI looks as good as it does. It's really weird that it's not bothering me as much as it should or nothing's really showing up.''

Hughes said he will undergo a second MRI exam today in which dye is injected into the joint in hopes of getting a more clear picture of any damage.

''I'll know a little bit more [today], but I'm feeling pretty good right now,'' he said. ''The test [today] will show a little bit more in-depth of what's really going on.''

Hughes was injured when he and the Timberwolves' Mike Miller dived for a loose ball late in the third quarter.

''It was kind of a freak play because it wasn't really a high-impact collision or anything like that,'' Hughes said. ''It was more my body was going one way and my arm was pulled down the other way. It kind of slid rather than popped. That was a good thing because when it was put back in place, it kind of slid back in place.

''I've done everything that everybody's asked me to do as far as the MRIs and X-rays, taking the physical exam and all that. Right now it's just kind of sore, just feels like I need a couple days rest.''

This guy is made of glass. At least when it's not time to get paid.

On a more personal note, school sucks and there isn't much else going on with me. Plus I turn 20 soon. Ugh. Lots of regrets, small ones too. A lot of small ones.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ESPN's Page 2 Delivers

They usually post some clever little comic on the home page of Page 2, but this one has to be the best I've seen in a while. I'm pissed I didn't think of it first. You can definitely say the same thing can be said about the Lions.

Or my flag football team, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Diving Bell and The Procrastinating College Student

I'm supposed to be writing a shot-analysis which is worth 20% of my grade in film, a class I need to help my GPA. Certainly my best grades aren't coming from Linear Algebra or Design and Analysis of Algorithms. I haven't typed a word yet. The paper is due at 10am. I also have an online quiz to do by 9am. Will I sleep? Stay tuned.

The film that is the subject of my paper is this incredible French film known in the US as "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly". It's an amazing true story, and instead of getting into it, I'll just advise you to see this movie one day. It's artsy, but it'll have an impact.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mid-Term Season


But on a positive note, that means it's Midnight Madness time. And that definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

I have nothing to talk about, I just want to blog more than 3 times a month.

Hey look, the NBA scoreboard works.

Greatest Call Ever (That doesn't involve Kevin Harlen, of course). Harlan is an amazing announcer, just amazing.

Friday, October 3, 2008

NBA: Grading The New Uniforms

First off, MILLEN GOT FIRED. WOOO! WOOO! WOOO! But they are still the Lions.

Now Media Day 2008 recently passed in the NBA, which brought along some interesting photos and new uniforms. A few teams decided to go back to their 90's roots with stripes, others wanted to modernize their uniforms, while a team like Oklahoma City tries to discover an identity. They failed. Let's jump right into the grading of the league's newest uniforms.

Taking It Back

Both the Magic and the Hornets decided to go back to the 90's with the stripes look. Personally I love it. My favorite jerseys include the Magic back with Penny and Shaq, and the Bulls Black Away jerseys. It's a good look. But for some reason, it just looks a lot more natural on the Hornets jerseys. Plus Orlando's jerseys kind of curbs outwards towards the top rather than being straight. I also want to thank Dwight for the pseudo-inappropriate pose right there. He probably took more time practicing that than his FT's.

Orlando's Grade: B

This doesn't have anything to do with their uniforms, but I really like the Hornets as a team. I'll admit I never was high on David West, but Chris Paul has that man looking beastly. The stripes on the jersey are very well executed and bring back memories of the Charlotte days. They are by far my winner of the meaningless Media Day Jersey Battle.

Hornets' Grade: A+

The Upgrades

Two teams decided to update their uniforms this year. The Kings went with a very subtle change to the side of the jerseys, darkened the lettering, and changed their home jerseys to say "Sacramento" instead of "Kings". It's small, but the jerseys look slightly better. Many people won't get a chance to see them because Sacramento frankly isn't that good anymore. Kevin Martin is one of the better SGs in the league, and Francisco Garcia should have a break-out season with Artest gone, but this team won't be in the playoffs for another 2-3 years.

Kings' Grade: B-

Minnesota made a more drastic change to their uniforms getting rid of the black trim with the green trees and going with a more modern look. The best part about their old uniforms was the font, which they intelligently kept. These new jerseys remind me somewhat of those green Dallas alternate road jerseys, except they look better. I'm liking the large blue sky and tree trim. A big negative for these jerseys is the logo on the back of the shorts. Why do we need an a$$ logo? That's the dumbest thing I see with sports uniforms. Don't draw attention to that area, just let it be. Have we not learned from the Idaho situation (Google it)?

Timberwolves' Grade: B+ (Penalized for butt logo)

The New Kids on The Block

Why the hell did the New Kids on the Block come back? Were they needed?

That's besides the point. I referring of course to the Oklahoma City Thunder. So I guess Kevin Durant is a Thunder now? A Thunder. I got used to the Magic and the Heat, so I guess Thunder isn't so bad. I just wish they went with something that was plural. I'm just calling them OKC from now on.

I'm really starting to lose focus. It's probably because OKC's uniforms are very forgettable. The logo is weak too. I was really hoping they went with some of the Black & Gold designs that some fans created, not this half Bobcats half Knicks colorway they have going on. They look like those jerseys for the created teams on NBA 2K. I'm pretty sure there is a Thunder logo on there as well. These jerseys lack identity, appeal, or style. I'm interested to see how the away jerseys look, they can't get any worse.

Thunder's OKC's Grade: D

And Just to Laugh

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Cooler Than That Yo

The Cool Kids. Interesting pseudo-throwback rap group I love listening to. Their beats are always hot, and they have a unique style.

Check out their new song "2K Pennies" which is the main track on NBA 2k9 (A must cop):

And just to throw it back to my parent's time:

When LL was still relevant. At this point, he should move on. No more head like a sharks fin.

You know what, I'm on a roll. This song used to go hard, in like 6th grade or something:

*Yes, I'm continuing to pretend people actually read this*

Friday, September 12, 2008

Water: It's Good For Your Soul

Today marks 3 weeks of me successfully drinking nothing but water. There is no real reason for this besides me proving to myself I have control over my diet, which I suppose makes me happy. Being in shape (at least somewhat) makes life a little bit more enjoyable, especially when the only thing you really seem to care about is sports.

My major goal last year was to dunk, so I spent a lot of my free time in the gym actually working out by lifting weights and doing Plyometrics. I am proud to say I can now dunk, but I'm greedy. I want it to come easy. Just off vert with no effort. 2 handed! So starting next week, I'll start another harder jumping program (courtesy of the Vertical Jump Bible...I highly recommend it). Should take 8 weeks.

My ultimate goal for this school year is to try to get a 36" vertical leap. That's a ridiculous goal honestly, especially since I'm far from a pro athlete (let alone a college one), but I'm gonna try like hell to get it. I didn't exactly come from a bloodline of super athletes, so maybe I can start the trend in my family.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Week in Cheap: An Alternative to HDTV

Technology is constantly changing, and one often affected (or effected. This always confuses me, especially in the summer) area is television. I remember back in the day with my old dial TV that I had to buy a converter for just so I could screw in the RF unit of my Sega Genesis. Now "High Definition" television is the wave of the future, displaying a vibrant and crisp picture that I must say is great for sports and action movies. It is definitely man-technology. But don't just throw away those 13" analog televisions away just yet, they actually have a great use.

Recently I discovered a cheap alternate to HDTV. It is temporary, but trust me it does work.

1. Find a television with an antenna.
2. Turn said television to that one channel that never comes in all the way. Usually channel 26 if you're in the Metro Detroit area.
3. Watch closely for about 15 minutes. You must not look away.
4. Run to your nearest cable television and notice how much more you appreciate the quality.

When timed right, you can enjoy all your favorite programs in high definition (for about 5 minutes). Go watch some good ole Public Access before the 4th quarter of the big game, or even the start of Gossip Girl. After that 5 minutes is up, just think of all the money you saved.

I hope to make this a weekly thing, spreading my frugality to the world!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm so unmotivated right now

Toronto was great, check the facebook. Cleveland was as well, pictures also on the 'book.

I'm feeling much like Larry Hughes after he signs a contract extension. I'm unmotivated, suddenly getting injured, and my production isn't what it used to be. I gotta get out of this funk. Oak Park is as boring as I remember, I'm about to start doing some stuff I've missed out on this summer. I don't know what that means, but it sounds nice.

Woo. TeamUSA won. Dwight Howard depresses me, he's just big. I hate seeing big men refuse to use some kind of skill.

Shouts out to Brandon for leaving the first comment in the history of my blog. It's only been nearly a year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Blog Name

The new blog name (and look) is dedicated to my favorite event in the past few years, Larry Hughes' contract year. For one season, a solid NBA starter evolves into a near All Star. Such an event needs celebration, and an obscure blog named after it.

I'll update with more soon. Almost out of Ohio. Here I come home!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm shrinking

Michael Beasley, I feel your pain. I've been going around with the illusion in my head that I was barely 6' tall for quite some time. Come to find out, thats only true if I'm wearing shoes. Here are the results of my completely pointless personal physical test:

Height: (without shoes): 5'11"
Weight: 175-180lbs
Standing Reach: 7'11"
Standing Vertical Leap: 27.5"

On the bright side, only a select few people view this blog and I'm normally wearing shoes. I'm still 6' tall in my mind.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live 2008 NBA Draft Blog


Let's get this started. Interesting draft. Overrated big men like DeAndre Jordan, Javale McGee and Anthony Randolph are actually falling. Scouts are actually learning something, who would've thought.

Another deal went down before the draft, Richard Jefferson was sent to the Milwaukee Bucks for the 20/23 year old Yi Jianlian and the player formerly known as Bobby Simmons. He got paid and disappeared. Solid deal for Milwaukee, Jefferson can really do damage if he wants to. They definitely get a better team and Redd will get easier looks. He isn't a lead your team type of guy. I really have no opinion of the deal for the Nets. Until they start playing Sean Williams, I won't know what to think.

7:29PM (EST) - Apparently Rose is going first. Good choice for Chicago.

7:38 And the Chicago Bulls officially select Derrick Rose with the 1st pick in the draft. Can't really argue with this pick, they need a PG and he's about as can't miss as it gets for guards this year. He can finish at the rim which has become increasingly important in today's NBA, look at Tony Parker and Dwyane Wade. He can pass, but I don't think he'll ever be a 10 assist guy. I see a possible 20/7/5 type player.

Chicago might actually get good. They've been that young team that's supposed to have gotten over the hump by now. Now they have a PG that's worth a darn.

Oh nice, irrelevant footage of Rose and dumb questions. Good thing they kept Stuart Scott away from these guys. Derrick Rose sucks as a public speaker too.

7:45 Good to see Pat Riley isn't completely out of his mind. Beasley and Marion can work together, but will they stay together? I'm interested. The East is getting better, and I love it. Dumars, do something!

P.S. I love the mama interviews. They so proud!

7:49 O.J. Time. I really like his game. His defense has potential, and he has that great scoring mentality. He just needs to learn to pick his shots.

Nothing crazy yet...

7:51 It's about to get weird now. Seattle could change this draft around. I heard they are going to swap picks with the Clippers for 7. Hmmm...

7:55 Russell Westbrook? Hmmm. Interesting pick, he can definitely play defense. Can he really run a team as a PG?

Tip: Never watch the draft with a couple of chicks. Their analysis of the prospects is a little different than mine....

7:57 My sources tell me that Chris Wallace is going to trade this pick to the Lakers for Ronny Turiaf, a 2nd round pick, and a bag of Baked Lays. Disappointing as I'm sure he could get some Sun Chips in there somewhere...

8:02 Another UCLA player off the board, this time to the Grizzlies. He's skilled, but can he stop the faster breed of PF? I think he'll be one of those really solid starters that every team wants, but not a star. Kevin Love has that country strength.

8:04 The Garden is going to flip if they don't take Jerryd Bayless here. He's someone they know, he's talented, and he's not European. Good luck hearing Gallinari's name called over all the boos. He's really talented though, I think he'll be the best foreign guy since Manu. I'm betting the Knicks got Bayless, they need a guard. Bye Starbury.

8:07 And the Garden erupts in........

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO's. Welcome to New York Danilo. He can really do somethings in New York. He's been one of my favorite international players for a while.

8:10 I just realized the Grizzlies starting fowards are now named Gay and Love. I'm just saying...

8:15 Eric Gordon just got drafted by the Clippers at 7, but the important thing is that he "often visits the Bahama's to visit his family." Thanks ESPN, I really wondered about that.

8:18 I love how Marc Jackson says the Knicks would be better off drafting/building for now, not the future. Thanks for confirming why you aren't a coach in the league now. That strategy has worked out great for them the last 2 years, huh?

8:20 2008's workout wonder gets picked #8 by the Bucks. This is interesting, they just traded for a SF. Something is going on here, I just don't know what.

Thanks ESPN for letting us know he is the first player born in Thailand to be drafted in the NBA. ESPN consistently proves itself as your source for irrelevant statistics.

8:22 If Joe Alexander's nickname is really "Vanilla Sky", that would make my day. I like that. I like that a lot. Too bad he plays in Milwaukee, no one is going to see him sky anytime soon.

8:25 Either there is a trade going on, or Raymond Felton pissed someone off. Then again, no one ever accused Michael Jordan of drafting well. Lopez is a steal at 10 for the Nets, a highway robbery.

8:28 A friend of mine seems to think DJ is going to the Blazers. That would make some sense. Something has to be going on.

A lot of guards so far, maybe I was wrong. Are the big men underrated?

8:29 I never was a big fan of Jerryd Bayless, but why in the world is he slipping? Indiana is gonna take him in a heartbeat...if he lasts.

8:31 Okay, maybe Indiana doesn't take him. I forgot about TJ for for a minute. Too many nicknames.

I'm liking Lopez to the Nets, Brook that is. He's a good big man that can do some damage in the league, especially at #10. Typical NJ big man if you think about it because he isn't a great rebounder either. No one else rebounds on that team so maybe he'll luck into 9-10 a game?

Okay, ignore my last post. Bayless to Indiana happened. Great talent at #11, but what is his role on the team going to be? I don't even pretend to know. At least Tinsley will be gone. He is a massive underachiever.

8:42 Uh........................What?

8:44 It's not that I never heard of Jason Thompson, but you usually don't see the guy protected as the 1st round steal go in the lotto. They must really like him. How does he vibe with Hawes.

8:48 Brandon Rush is the Tayshaun Prince of this draft. He won't be a star player, just really solid. Good defender, good shooter, good teammate. Lets just hope he doesn't end up like his brothers...

Not to steal your material, but man he does look like Moesha's daddy.

8:53 I'm trying to figure out how Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright could possibly co-exist on the court at the same time with Don Nelson as the coach. I just can't figure it out. Nellie hates big men. Randolph is a twig too, he barely weighs more than me. Maybe he can play SF, I've only caught him once on ESPN U 2 days ago.

Oh no, here comes Vitale.

8:56 Vitale is always babbling on about nothing. Man, shut up. Got to love him overrating every American player. Is anyone surprised that he's riding Kevin Love?

8:59 Robin Lopez went to the Suns. He's solid, pretty good defender. They really needed size and he should be a nice energy guy who can contribute immediately. I really hope he's not the Jarron to Brook's Jason. The Collins' brothers were enough.

9:02 Stephen A is magnificent. He usually always admits he knows little about prospects, so they just having him reporting rumors and interviewing players. That's why he's good. Solid journalist, but he networks like no other. Their is a preponderance of evidence to support my claims. He's MAG-NIF-A-CENT.

9:09 Don't really get the hype around Speights, and by hype I mean the guy at RealGM. Haven't seen much of him, but you gotta wonder about a guy who doesn't always bring it who doesn't have extreme talent to fall back on.

Roy Hibbert makes back up to the 17th pick, after destroying his stock this year. He's a talented big man, he just doesn't seem to play big against the teams he needs to. I remember the Davidson game. He was a scrub. Gives the Pacers a better center than Jeff Foster or Troy Murphy.

9:18 Blazers make another great move to get Jerryd Bayless. Man, Kevin Pritchard is a genius. The Blazers are going to be serious with Bayless. Him being a non-passing combo is kind of offset by the fact that Roy can push the ball too. Pacers get another PG and Brandon Rush. Rush is a nice "character" guy that they are trying to fill their team with, but did they really need another PG with Ford? Well, Tinsley leaving is still a great sign.

Oh yeah, the Wizards took another "soft" big man. They really need someone more rugged. McGee can block shots, but what else can he really do? They really need a big man to step up.

9:21 Cavs take JJ Hickson. Whatever. Pistons need to hurry, trade up, and get Darrell Arthur. NOW. DO IT DUMARS! DO IT!

9:27 A skinny 7 foot jump shooter. I don't trust this guy. I'm pretty sure he averaged 5 points in France.

9:30Once again, I really like Bayless to Portland. Situations really effect how a player develops, I think Portland is the right situation.

9:36 Dumars. Darrell Arthur. Dumars. Darrell Arthur. Dumars. Darrell Arthur. Dumars. Darrell Arthur. Dumars. Darrell Arthur. Dumars. Darrell Arthur. Dumars. Darrell Arthur. Dumars. Darrell Arthur.

10:15 Okay. Ryan Anderson. Solid player with solid talent. My roommate likes him, and he can shoot the ball. Very well. Courtney Lee at 22 is a solid pick for Orlando. Good to see those junior/senior players getting some love. They really needed a SG and Lee was solid at Western Kentucky. Koufos at 23 is an interesting pick when you have Memhut Okur. Serge Ibaka is a monster athlete, but his basketball experience is very limited. He has a pretty good ceiling, but doesn't this sound a lot like Saer Sene?

Houston taking Batum at #25 is a solid pick. He has potential to be a good defender and can finish around the rim. Funny they question his ability to lead, kind of like T-Mac. Spurs reach and take George Hill. I'm one of the few people that has actually heard of him and seen him play, and he killed Oakland in the Semi's. I never thought he was a first round talent though.

10:16 My roommate is arguing religion with me, ruining my blog. Thanks....

10:18 Seriously, he ruing my blog. Some people don't believe what you believe. DEAL WITH IT!

Anyway, The Hornets snag up Darrell Arthur as a mega steal at the end of the draft. I love that pick. Maybe there is some health concerns that I don't know about, but this pick looks solid. New Orleans is gonna be good for a long time. Grizzlies draft Donte Greene with the 28th spot. Solid, he would have been a much higher pick had he came back. The kid has game, he just needs to learn how to play better. I would've loved to see in him Detroit

10:19 Dumars on the clock. Late round magic again?

10:20 I'm guessing Walker and Chalmer close out this 1st round. Let's see...

10:23 DJ White? Ugh. Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson, Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess, and now DJ White? He may be a solid player, but he doesn't really solve many issues. Taking a chance on DeAndre Jordan might have been something I liked, the Pistons really have no true Center. Disappointing pick.

10:28 DraftExpress is reporting Darrell Arthur has been sent to the Houston Rockets while the Blazers grabbed Nicolas Batum. Solid for both teams. Blazers get another athletic SF and the Rockets get some more height on their team. Could be a great addition for Houston, since DX is reporting Arthur slipped because of some erroneous physicals. Something weird. He's a top-15 talent, and a major steal this late.

10:30 DeAndre Jordan shouldn't have came out, and now his stock is tanking. TANKING.

10:35 Tough break for Jordan, Douglas-Roberts, and Chalmers here all falling into the 2nd round. As Dickie V said (as hard as it is to agree with him), they now have ample motivation and a chance to become great players in this league.

Word is DJ White is going to be moved for Seattle's 2 second rounders, #32 and 46 I believe. I like that.

10:40 I'm hearing Lee to the Bobcats for Raymond Felton. Makes a little more sense for Charlotee...I think.

I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about these 2nds, so random antidotes here and there are all I'm gonna contribute.

10:43 Who the hell is Walter Sharpe?!?!?! REALLY?

11:01 Still don't know who Sharpe is. That Knicks/Bobcats deal doesn't look too likely now, just another rumor I suppose.

Random Observation from a friend:
whats up with team's drafting twin players?
I AM HIBACHI: last spencer hawes for brad miller
I AM HIBACHI: this year anthony randolph for brandan wright
I AM HIBACHI: kosta koufos for mehmet okur

Good point. I like Jordan to the Clippers. Low risk pick for a 2nd rounder. If he turns out well, they look like geniuses.

11:08 Douglas-Roberts is finally off the board at #40 to the New Jersey Nets. Wow. I can't figure out why he slipped this far, I can't see the logic in taking a lot of the last 15 players over him. He's the player I think has the highest chance to be that 2nd round steal. He has a situation where he's going to get PT, he's a strong talent, and has the motivation to go with that Detroit upbringing. I'm loving this pick for the Nets.

This is my time to bow out though. Bayless to the Blazers I really like. Lopez and CD-R to the Nets make them come out like champs. I don't think anyone in the top 3 lost. I don't think Russ Westbrook will be a top 5-7 player in the draft despite being the 4th pick. DJ Augustin could go either way, I don't know what to think. I'm hyped for the Summer Camps now. I'll definitely be tuned in.

Thanks for all 4 people who read this. Certainly was an...experience.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Draft Time

Ah, one of my favorite times of the year. College basketball meets pro ball for one night, and we get to make educated (for some) guesses about the future of a bunch of 19-24 year old tall guys who excel at either putting a ball into a 10 foot hoop, or stopping people from doing so. Such a beautiful exhibition of athleticism and finesse is the game of basketball, how can you not love it?

I'm guessing the draft order goes Rose, Beasley, Mayo, then all hell breaks loose. I was going to do a mock draft, but then again I'd just be making random guesses based on and Draft Express. A few trades will probably go down, much like last year. Earlier today the Pacers agreed to trade Jermaine O'Neal for T.J. Ford and the 17th pick. Solid trade for both sides really. One team is scared that their player might get seriously injured again, another is scared that their player won't get healthy again. The Raptors can really be a force is O'Neal returns to some semblance of his former self. With Bosh on the team, he no longer has that pressure to be "The Man". Kevin Garnett proved that can certainly help a player become more successful.

I'll have my eye on the Pistons. I'm glad to hear every Pistons starter in trade rumors, it shows Dumars is serious about breaking up part of this team. You can only succeed at failing for so long. Getting rid of a player like Rasheed Wallace could help, I really get tired of hearing what kind of player he can be. How about we realize the player he's been for the last 3 years? Chauncey Billups isn't even called Mr. Big Shot anymore because he hasn't done anything in the playoffs for the last 3 years. The Boston series might have been the best he's had in the Conference Finals since '04. I remember last year, he got dominated by Cleveland. Come on.

Hopefully I can do a nice little live draft blog tomorrow. I really have no reason to, I have about 1 reader and a few people that just realize I have a blog because it's linked to my Facebook. Regardless, it should be fun.

Yes, I am still geek'd about Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and the rest of the Celtics getting that ring. I've been a fan of Garnett for as long as I can remember, and I was starting to give up hope on him. Minnesota got terrible, their games weren't on TV anymore, and he was heading down the road to being more like Charles Barkley than again being compared with Tim Duncan. A great team and one year later, he legitimately has a case as one of the top 20 players in NBA history. Not only that, but he squashed the criticisms about him not coming up big when it mattered and him not being a winner. Winning is as much a result of a player's talents as the talent of the players around him and how compatible their games are. KG is certified. ANYTHING IS POSSIBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And of course, "SHOUT OUT TO MY MAMA BEATNUT!"

*Check my post from August 2nd, 2007. I called Rondo having a breakout season, and look what he did this year and in Game 6. Now just ignore the rest of that post once you read past Amir, who didn't really breakout but actually got meaningful PT.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cleveland Rock'd!

Yeah baby! Boston (finally!) advances to play the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron & Pierce went at it, too bad I missed most of it because I was at the movies with the fam watching Speed Racer (Really cool movie). KG was right, that better be on ESPN Classic this week. Hopefully I still get that channel. I want to right more, but I'm just so tired...

The Pistons are the hometown team that I grew up loving, and the Celtics have 2 of my favorite players on their team (Hint: Neither is Ray Allen). I'm really torn on this series, I'll be no matter the outcome. Given Boston's recent struggles, I'm not so sure they have a better chance than Detroit to beat the winner of the Western Conference (likely LA). It'd be nice to see another championship in the D, because that window is gonna close eventually. On the other hand, I'd love to see KG get a ring and get out of that Charles Barkley class of superstar. This should be a great series, too bad I won't get to catch a game because they scheduled Game 3 for Monday. Just great, Stern wants the playoffs on until July. I'm convinced.

Speaking of Cleveland, I will soon be residing there doing an internship. Thankfully I won't have to deal with that "Witness" non-sense, and can brag about the Pistons since they are still playing.

Random Note: It is no longer the Big 3. Ray Allen is not a superstar or border-line All Star. He's a glorified role player until proven otherwise. A spot-up jump shooting has-been. I don't say that because I don't like him, but he really disappeared this series. Boston kind of needs you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last Day of Work

Finally done working at the Palace, on to bigger and better things. I enjoyed it, but I can safely say I am never looking to work in the restaurant field ever again. Just doesn't move me. I'll miss the food, and some other things, but mainly the food.

In other completely unrelated news, I hate the Cleveland Cavaliers. Considering where I will be going in a few weeks, that creates sort of a quagmire, but let's hope they'll be out of the playoffs by then.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NBA: Where The Playoffs Happen

I'm a little late, but I'm going to do my little first round run down. Might even get a little insight into my early championship favorite.

#1 Boston Celtics V. #8 Atlanta Hawks
America finally gets a chance to watch the Hawks, a team that has been mediocre since the Mookie/Mutumbo days. Josh Smith is definitely a guy to watch, he's electric. Joe Johnson may be one of the most overlooked SGs in the league, and you can see why Al Horford will be a starter in the league for years and got some serious consideration for Rookie of the Year.

Now that I got that out the way, this isn't really a series. Boston isn't Detroit, they are too hungry to let Atlanta even think they have a chance to win this series. This will be quick and painless. Garnett is on a war path, and Atlanta is just a prelude.

Celtics in 4

#2 Detroit Pistons V. #7 Philadelphia 76ers
Match-up a surprising young, athletic team against a bunch of complacent underachievers, and you have trouble. The Detroit Pistons don't think the 76ers can beat them, and the 76ers don't care. Game 1 confirmed that. I didn't believe Philly had a chance in hell, until Sunday. This series will likely help serve as evidence why I don't have Detroit representing the Eastern Conference in the Finals. It's so frustrating because they play down to the level of their opponents, and they do it consistently. They've been complacent since 2005, and what have they done since? Listen to the post-game comments, do they sound concerned? Do they sound hungry? "We've been here before. We know what it takes to win in the playoffs." Really Chauncey? So when you got overconfident last year, and LeBron padded his resume on you, you didn't take notice. You come out and display that same attitude? The Pistons have been to the Eastern Conference Finals 5 times, been to the Finals twice, and only won once. In that span, they've swept a grand total of 1 team. But ask them, and I bet they think they are a dynasty. Their window of opporitunity closes this off-season, so championship or not, don't expect to see the same team back next year. Unfortunately this one isn't going to do much. Ever since they made the All Star team, it's been downhill from there.

So much credit to Philadelphia, for coming out and playing to win. They actually have some advantages (mainly effort and athleticism) and an underrated PG in Andre Miller. The worst thing you can let an underdog do is believe. The Pistons on the other hand, will probably escape this series rather than cruise through it. I'm starting to doubt whether they'll even beat Orlando.

Pistons in 6

#3 Orlando Magic V. #6 Toronto Raptors
I don't really have much to say about this series. Chris Bosh is good, but Dwight Howard is better. Jose Calderon and T.J. Ford are better than any of the Magic's guards, but Turkoglu and Lewis are a lot better than any of Toronto's non-Bosh players. The Raptors are another team that doesn't get any national TV love during the season, and they can be entertaining, but they just aren't that great of a team. They've been slumping lately and their former #1 Andrea Bargnani hasn't done much of anything this year. Talk about disappointing.

It is good to see Dwight Howard turn into this generation's Shaq. You have to fear anyone that can easily give you 20/20. He'll probably end up as one of the best rebounders in league history. All the while Rashard Lewis makes $117 million to get outplayed by Turkoglu. Then again, without Rashard, Turkoglu wouldn't get the same looks.

Orlando in 5

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers V. # 5 Washington Wizards
I don't like the Cavaliers. At all. I try to keep things as objective as possible, but I rarely say anything positive about this team. There really isn't anything to like. But that's not going to make me pick against them, because I saw the first 2 games and LeBron James IS just that good. Imagine how many points he'd score if he could hit some free throws. He is just killing that team, but I don't think this series is over just yet. There is something about the Cavaliers that doesn't sit right with me, in terms of their team. When LeBron isn't he-man out there, they just don't look good. I remember hearing people asking who won the Chicago/Cleveland/Seattle trade, asking who it helped the most. Funny thing is, it probably is Seattle. Ben Wallace without his Detroit supporting cast, is just a guy who can block shots and grab a couple rebounds. No one fears the fro anymore. Delonte West and Szczerbiak live off of the looks LeBron can get them, they seem to struggle creating their own offense. What I'm trying to say is, Cleveland just gives off an aura of being beatable. Role players don't play well on the road typically, and this is where Washington can get back into this series. Caron Butler has been unimpressive, as well as Gilbert. Haywood has also been pretty solid, but needs to avoid foul trouble as really their only post threat. They just need to play better, as simple as that sounds.

It seems you can't mention this series without mentioning Soulja Boy, thanks to Deshawn Stevenson and LeBron James. Soulja Boy's label should send them a check for all the free publicity he's getting. For some reason, analysts feel the need to bring it up every game, on every show, at every halftime. The song was annoying enough, so please stop! I must admit though, that and the disdain these teams share for one another, makes this the most intriguing match-up in the East.

Cavaliers in 6

#1 Los Angeles Lakers V. #8 Denver Nuggets
The only reason Denver won't get swept is Allen Iverson. It's an unwritten rule that no matter how bad a team he may be on, they won't get swept. But they will surely get close, because they need JR Smith to play like a superstar to have a chance. Giving up 120 points doesn't win many games, and I wouldn't want to get into a shoot-out with a team with Kobe on it. That's usually not a smart idea. Even Pau Gasol is going crazy. I'm not a fan, but I wouldn't be surprised if they made it to the Finals.

A name I haven't mentioned, mainly because he may not matter, is Carmelo Anthony. I'm not saying he's not good, but is he relevant? I always defended Carmelo as being more than just another Glenn Robinson, and he is, but is he more than just a smooth scorer? Granted, he did improve his rebounding this season but he still lacks it on the defensive end. You'd love to see him become that complete player, someone with success. It just seems like he's doing more to hurt himself than help himself. More frustrating is how bad that team is structured. The Nuggets 20 years ago didn't win with all offense, why would it be different for these Nuggets? Hell, better teammates would help Carmelo's "legacy". I mean, look at Kobe. Over the last 3 years, he's had the same Kobe type seasons. The difference this year, his teammates have actually improved and they got Pau Gasol for a Big Mac combo with large fries. I guess that makes you the MVP somehow.

Lakers in 5

#2 New Orleans Hornets V. #7 Dallas Mavericks
Analysts were picking the Mavericks, trying to say the Hornets were too inexperienced and the Mavericks will finally step it up. Well honestly, I don't see that happening. I'm officially on the Chris Paul bandwagon, and I just don't think Dallas is that good. Dwyane Wade scarred that team, then Golden State poured salt on the wound. It's just not their year. I don't know what else to say about this series, so let's talk about the Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler pick-and-role. It's easily one of the nicest plays you'll see this post season, surpassing the Steve Nash/Amare Stoudemire pick-and-roll. Paul will see Chandler from anywhere on the court, and it's a mutual understanding what he needs to do. Chandler, knowing he only scores on this play and offensive rebounds, soon will be dunking down an alley-oop placed perfectly over the rim. If somehow Chandler can't get open, then Peja is there standing on the wing ready to drop the trey. The pick and pop with David West is equally as efficient and truly awe-inspiring. That's why Chris Paul averages 11-plus assists a game, those 3 plays.

The window for the Mavericks to win looks to be closed. Kidd is getting older, actually everyone on that team is getting older, they really could use some injection of youth. They also shouldn't still have to rely on Erick Dampier for post play.

Hornets in 6

#3 San Antonio Spurs V. #6 Phoenix Suns
When that game went into overtime, I saw the writing on the wall for the Suns. Then Tim Duncan hit a three, and the game was basically over. When Duncan hits a game tying three, the Spurs are probably going to win the game. And then trying to cover Ginobili with no one at the basket to stop a shot? Come on now. He's going left, and he's likely going to score. I never was a big Ginobili fan, but he's good. Game 1 was amazing. It was everything this series should be, I just hope there are no let downs for the rest of the series. This is the one series that NEEDS to go the inexplicable 7 games of the 1st round that makes it last 2 weeks. Tim Duncan was absolutely bananas. He always destroys Amare, because Amare cannot stay out of foul trouble. I thought thats what Shaq was supposed to help with, but he can't stay out of foul trouble. Thats what happens when your back-up big man is Boris Diaw, who he's not playing the undersized center in a fast paced offense role.

This is the best series of the first round, I just hope it isn't the best series of the playoffs again. Steve Nash and Tony Parker. Shaq and Duncan. Amare and Ginobili. The star power is there, the intensity is there, the history is there. I look forward to seeing some great games out of this series, with either team capable of winning the championship. To be honest, I don't see either doing it this year though. San Antonio just hasn't looked like the same championship team of a year ago, and I don't trust Phoenix's lack of depth. Play D.J. Strawberry, and only good things will happen. I hope I'm wrong, but........

Spurs in 7

#4 Utah Jazz V. #5 Houston Rockets
The Rockets need to beat the Jazz twice at home to win this series. There is no chance in hell of that happening. It's unfortunate, because they would actually have a chance to get out of the 1st round if they didn't have major injuries. Utah is just too good for them, especially since we are seeing an inspired Andrei Kirilenko for the first time in a while. If he can keep it up, the Jazz have a real shot at making it out the West. The light-skinned duo of Deron and Boozer is deadly, and matches up well with any other in the West. The LA/Utah 2nd round series is going to be epic, I honestly think Utah can take them. Kirilenko is going to have to do his thing on Kobe, but the same goes for Fisher on Deron. Both teams dig into their benches too, so it'll definitely be a fun series. I hate to just disregard the Rockets like that, but it is what it is.

Tracy McGrady is going to go 0-7 in terms of making it out of the first round for his career. That's sad, but it's a combination of things. He needs to take over games down the stretch as opposed to the first 3 quarters. 1 point in the 4th quarter is inexcusable, even if the defense is keying on him. He needs to show that he is THE man, but maybe he just isn't? At least not this post-season. A big problem is, he can't get easy shots. I can't believe it, but they need Rafer Alston to hit some 3's. I really hope he makes it out some time, I thought this was his "year". I give up on him, and the only reaction he can probably give is:

Jazz in 5 (...and that's being nice)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Haven't written anything in a while, so I'm gonna try to get back into this. Free time + End of the college regular season + League Pass should equal some kind of posts.

An update on Darius Washington, he got cut by the Spurs and ended up in Greece. Funny how things work out.