Monday, May 19, 2008

Cleveland Rock'd!

Yeah baby! Boston (finally!) advances to play the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron & Pierce went at it, too bad I missed most of it because I was at the movies with the fam watching Speed Racer (Really cool movie). KG was right, that better be on ESPN Classic this week. Hopefully I still get that channel. I want to right more, but I'm just so tired...

The Pistons are the hometown team that I grew up loving, and the Celtics have 2 of my favorite players on their team (Hint: Neither is Ray Allen). I'm really torn on this series, I'll be no matter the outcome. Given Boston's recent struggles, I'm not so sure they have a better chance than Detroit to beat the winner of the Western Conference (likely LA). It'd be nice to see another championship in the D, because that window is gonna close eventually. On the other hand, I'd love to see KG get a ring and get out of that Charles Barkley class of superstar. This should be a great series, too bad I won't get to catch a game because they scheduled Game 3 for Monday. Just great, Stern wants the playoffs on until July. I'm convinced.

Speaking of Cleveland, I will soon be residing there doing an internship. Thankfully I won't have to deal with that "Witness" non-sense, and can brag about the Pistons since they are still playing.

Random Note: It is no longer the Big 3. Ray Allen is not a superstar or border-line All Star. He's a glorified role player until proven otherwise. A spot-up jump shooting has-been. I don't say that because I don't like him, but he really disappeared this series. Boston kind of needs you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last Day of Work

Finally done working at the Palace, on to bigger and better things. I enjoyed it, but I can safely say I am never looking to work in the restaurant field ever again. Just doesn't move me. I'll miss the food, and some other things, but mainly the food.

In other completely unrelated news, I hate the Cleveland Cavaliers. Considering where I will be going in a few weeks, that creates sort of a quagmire, but let's hope they'll be out of the playoffs by then.