Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Larry Hughes Injured? Nooooo.

That's a condescending "Nooooo" by the way.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
October 24, 2008

Larry Hughes was optimistic Thursday he will be back well before the six-to-eight-week time frame he initially was given after dislocating his right shoulder in the Bulls' 85-75 victory Wednesday night at Minnesota.

''I'm pretty positive it won't take me that long to get back on the court,'' said Hughes, who was wearing a sling. ''It's kind of a weird thing the MRI looks as good as it does. It's really weird that it's not bothering me as much as it should or nothing's really showing up.''

Hughes said he will undergo a second MRI exam today in which dye is injected into the joint in hopes of getting a more clear picture of any damage.

''I'll know a little bit more [today], but I'm feeling pretty good right now,'' he said. ''The test [today] will show a little bit more in-depth of what's really going on.''

Hughes was injured when he and the Timberwolves' Mike Miller dived for a loose ball late in the third quarter.

''It was kind of a freak play because it wasn't really a high-impact collision or anything like that,'' Hughes said. ''It was more my body was going one way and my arm was pulled down the other way. It kind of slid rather than popped. That was a good thing because when it was put back in place, it kind of slid back in place.

''I've done everything that everybody's asked me to do as far as the MRIs and X-rays, taking the physical exam and all that. Right now it's just kind of sore, just feels like I need a couple days rest.''

This guy is made of glass. At least when it's not time to get paid.

On a more personal note, school sucks and there isn't much else going on with me. Plus I turn 20 soon. Ugh. Lots of regrets, small ones too. A lot of small ones.

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  1. Correction.
    Greg Oden is made of glass. He stays injured.
    What more proof do we need to say that he is an old man?