Thursday, October 11, 2007


-At the end of my last blog I said I was starting a plyometrics program. I lied. I just ended up doing this basic weight lifting program, but it's worked. I'm starting to discover this thing called athleticism, and they only time that I successfully completed a dunk, 2 of my friends were there. It's documented!

I also said I would start blogging regularly, hah.

-Antoine Walker is out of shape and school is hard again. I swear this is just like my junior year of HS.

-The Lions may not win 10 games, but I have to say that it's a refreshing change to actually turn on a Lions game and think they have a chance of winning. It got to a point in the last few years where I wouldn't even watch the Lions, because I knew they'd lose. It killed my love for football.

-I probably should be getting ready for class now. I have homework to do. Maybe later.

-I think KG has been my favorite NBA player for the past 6 years. Seriously, no one else can come along and replace him? Melo challenged, but he's just not KG. What am I going to do when KG retires? What am I going to do when Shaq, KG, and Duncan are all gone? That's going to be a very weird time for the league.

-If you lower your head, drive to the hole constantly, and can't score 20ppg, you aren't talented. It's what everyone else does. As Mitch Albom once said, fouls used to be called when the defensive player was using an illegal advantage over the offensive player, now they are just called when the offensive player gets touched.

-Who is more shielded by their leagues? QB's or NBA superstars (guards/forwards)?

-Will the Wizards ever add a PF, or is Andray Blatche suddenly the answer? By the way, what professional athlete solicits a prostitute? YOUR IN THE NBA! It can't be that hard man.

-I'm really behind schedule now.

-I'm starting to get tired of rap. There is only so much I can take. That reminds me, I need to charge my IPod.

I gotta go to class now. Thanks for all the people that read this (no one), but someone might if I actually start using it.

If your 18-24, and you don't vote in the upcoming presidential election, I will personally beat you down. Vote or catch a beat down. Take that, take that Diddy.