Friday, October 3, 2008

NBA: Grading The New Uniforms

First off, MILLEN GOT FIRED. WOOO! WOOO! WOOO! But they are still the Lions.

Now Media Day 2008 recently passed in the NBA, which brought along some interesting photos and new uniforms. A few teams decided to go back to their 90's roots with stripes, others wanted to modernize their uniforms, while a team like Oklahoma City tries to discover an identity. They failed. Let's jump right into the grading of the league's newest uniforms.

Taking It Back

Both the Magic and the Hornets decided to go back to the 90's with the stripes look. Personally I love it. My favorite jerseys include the Magic back with Penny and Shaq, and the Bulls Black Away jerseys. It's a good look. But for some reason, it just looks a lot more natural on the Hornets jerseys. Plus Orlando's jerseys kind of curbs outwards towards the top rather than being straight. I also want to thank Dwight for the pseudo-inappropriate pose right there. He probably took more time practicing that than his FT's.

Orlando's Grade: B

This doesn't have anything to do with their uniforms, but I really like the Hornets as a team. I'll admit I never was high on David West, but Chris Paul has that man looking beastly. The stripes on the jersey are very well executed and bring back memories of the Charlotte days. They are by far my winner of the meaningless Media Day Jersey Battle.

Hornets' Grade: A+

The Upgrades

Two teams decided to update their uniforms this year. The Kings went with a very subtle change to the side of the jerseys, darkened the lettering, and changed their home jerseys to say "Sacramento" instead of "Kings". It's small, but the jerseys look slightly better. Many people won't get a chance to see them because Sacramento frankly isn't that good anymore. Kevin Martin is one of the better SGs in the league, and Francisco Garcia should have a break-out season with Artest gone, but this team won't be in the playoffs for another 2-3 years.

Kings' Grade: B-

Minnesota made a more drastic change to their uniforms getting rid of the black trim with the green trees and going with a more modern look. The best part about their old uniforms was the font, which they intelligently kept. These new jerseys remind me somewhat of those green Dallas alternate road jerseys, except they look better. I'm liking the large blue sky and tree trim. A big negative for these jerseys is the logo on the back of the shorts. Why do we need an a$$ logo? That's the dumbest thing I see with sports uniforms. Don't draw attention to that area, just let it be. Have we not learned from the Idaho situation (Google it)?

Timberwolves' Grade: B+ (Penalized for butt logo)

The New Kids on The Block

Why the hell did the New Kids on the Block come back? Were they needed?

That's besides the point. I referring of course to the Oklahoma City Thunder. So I guess Kevin Durant is a Thunder now? A Thunder. I got used to the Magic and the Heat, so I guess Thunder isn't so bad. I just wish they went with something that was plural. I'm just calling them OKC from now on.

I'm really starting to lose focus. It's probably because OKC's uniforms are very forgettable. The logo is weak too. I was really hoping they went with some of the Black & Gold designs that some fans created, not this half Bobcats half Knicks colorway they have going on. They look like those jerseys for the created teams on NBA 2K. I'm pretty sure there is a Thunder logo on there as well. These jerseys lack identity, appeal, or style. I'm interested to see how the away jerseys look, they can't get any worse.

Thunder's OKC's Grade: D

And Just to Laugh

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  1. I'm not too fond of the striped theme. It looks weird to me. The jersey seems too loose. If you're going to go 90's, then go 90's and get that about two sizes down.

    Overall, everyone's jerseys are looking too similar. The Thunder jersey is just a New Orleans throwback. (which is just a spin off of a Memphis jersey.)

    I say everyone gets a 79-80 Spurs feel:
    Two colors
    Team name
    Player name

    Simplicity breeds excellence. (fwd: Houston Rockets)