Monday, November 10, 2008


Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States. Change in the white house! But it will be interesting to watch when people realize he's a politician. Broken promises are going to happen. Nothing's going to be more important than stabilizing the economy, so certain things won't happen. Hopefully he can do a good job. There is a certain group of people thinking his presidency will mean he's going to help them. I doubt it's going to be the case.

His election takes an excuse away from some Black folk who like to say they can't do this and that because they are Black. A Black president won't solve the problems of Black people, but hopefully it'll motivate them to actually do something purposeful with their lives, stop claiming some low income neighborhood, and make it so your children are in a position to succeed, not going through the same issues you had.

Allen Iverson is now on the Pistons. So far, so good. 0-2, going into a West Coast Road Trip. Someone needs to tell Rasheed he's 6'11", because 8 threes won't cut it. Against Boston mind you. Stuckey has been getting toasted on defense, it's embarrassing. But I'm willing to give this team a chance. The old starting line-up with Chauncey ranks 2nd in NBA history amongst games played together in the same starting line-up. It was about 5 years. And Iverson is a shocking change from Mr. I Haven't Hit A Big Shot in 3 Years. They need time to gel, and they'll be fine. They won't win the championship though, so I guess that's a failure in most Pistons fans eyes.

Big things possibly going on with me this week. We'll see, and hopefully I have good news to report next week. Otherwise I won't mention it at all.

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