Friday, September 12, 2008

Water: It's Good For Your Soul

Today marks 3 weeks of me successfully drinking nothing but water. There is no real reason for this besides me proving to myself I have control over my diet, which I suppose makes me happy. Being in shape (at least somewhat) makes life a little bit more enjoyable, especially when the only thing you really seem to care about is sports.

My major goal last year was to dunk, so I spent a lot of my free time in the gym actually working out by lifting weights and doing Plyometrics. I am proud to say I can now dunk, but I'm greedy. I want it to come easy. Just off vert with no effort. 2 handed! So starting next week, I'll start another harder jumping program (courtesy of the Vertical Jump Bible...I highly recommend it). Should take 8 weeks.

My ultimate goal for this school year is to try to get a 36" vertical leap. That's a ridiculous goal honestly, especially since I'm far from a pro athlete (let alone a college one), but I'm gonna try like hell to get it. I didn't exactly come from a bloodline of super athletes, so maybe I can start the trend in my family.