Thursday, January 8, 2009


-Pistons lost today. I think Rip is secretly happy, because they look better without him. Most likely because Mike Curry is forced to use a line-up that doesn't involve Rip or Iverson on the bench.

-I went 2-2 on my playoff picks, sad. I really wanted to act like I knew what I was talking about, but I don't think anyone saw Darren Sproles coming.

-Oklahoma/Florida tonight. I don't like Florida. I think it's the "Tebow is the hardest working player ever" crap you get from ESPN. I know he's supposedly a great kid, but how about the random walk-on who made some major conference team who wasn't born with such physical attributes as Tebow? I'd reckon he had to work harder.

Florida probably will win, I will be sad.

-Ohio State lost another bowl game. They take more L's than I do. Self depreciating humor. Fun.

-It's 5:21am and I have no interest in doing anything right now. I have 5 hour old chicken sitting on my desk though, I might want to throw it away. But I haven't gotten out of this chair in a couple of hours.

-Best cure for insomnia = Youtube. Where else would I go from listening to Shyne to Steve Wonder?

-Attractive women =/= Engineering students at Oakland. Someone please prove me wrong.

-For no particular reason, I'm listening to this song. Reminds me of high school.

-After disgracing my race with that atrocious attempt at a dunk on Youtube, I have discovered if I just run up from the baseline (or wing) I dunk 3x easier. Not really sure why, but I now need to try this out in a pick-up game.

-Andre 3000 is an AMAZING MC. Like, really good. I say that just in case you didn't catch the amazing.

-Nothing more to say.

Transmission over.

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