Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back in the USA

I made these picks earlier in the car with a friend who can vouch for me. I may be posting this as the Ravens are at Tennessee's goal line with the game tied 7-7, but I assure you (my make believe readers) that I picked these at a Sunoco gas station.

Divisional Round Picks
Ravens over Titans
Panthers over Cardinals
Giants over Eagles
Steelers over Chargers

Oh, nice job by featuring Matt Millen as an analyst last week NBC. I do remember that he was considered the replacement to John Madden before he butchered the Lions, but O.J. Simpson was considered by some to be the greatest running back then he "allegedly" killed two people. No one wanted anything to do with him after that.

I'm not saying Millen (I can't think of a word that accurately describes killing a franchise over the span of 8 years) is in the same class as a murder, but I am.

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