Sunday, January 18, 2009

Late Picks...

Mid-Day nap so refreshing.

Anyway on the radio I picked Philly over Arizona and Pittsburgh over Baltimore. Of course Philly is already losing right now, but that nice statistic that says teams that score for are 2-6 makes me feel better.

Then again, I'm 4-4 with my picks so far going .500 each round. That probably won't change.

In Other News...

The Pistons are terrible since Richard Hamilton came back and they went to small ball. Starting a 4th quarter letting the Thunder score 13 unanswered is kind of bad. Letting the Hornets score 9 straight in the same situation in your next game is just sad. 0-4 since the return of Rip and Small Ball. It obviously works.

I thought Curry was hired because the players respected him. Given the way RaShooting Guard and Rip don't always bring their A games, or his complete unwillingness to make the big decision (Rip or A.I. off the bench) what is that respect really worth? Maybe they have good locker room conversations or something. It's disgusting.

1 comment:

  1. It makes me happy that other people are starting to hate Rip. It only took you guys 3 years to get with the program. Anywho, feel free to hate Sheed too, God knows I do.