Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Double Dose of Goodness

More games, more thoughts. Took a day off because well, I never update this thing regularly. Plus no one reads it.

Lakers 113, Jazz 100
Hawks 90, Heat 64
Nuggets 113, Hornets 84

BLOWOUTS! Well, the Jazz game ended a bit well but it was still a blowout. They just made the score look better at the end. They were just getting destroyed for the most of it. With no Okur, the Jazz might only win 1 game. I'm not sure how long he is out though. I honestly don't remember this game, so I will now move on...

I have maintained that the Heat/Hawks series would be one of the best series' in the playoffs if the Heat role players show up. Well they definitely didn't do it on Sunday. Beasley was having a terrible game, making every rookie mistake in the world. O'Neal was his typical non-factor self. And Dwyane Wade was looking like Famous Amos out there, just handing out cookies (8 turnovers). When Wade doesn't have any kind of help, it can be painful to watch. Mario Chalmers had a -27 +/-, just horrible. All these young guys (and JO's knees) are going to have to step up and put Wade in a position to take over, which he is very capable. Otherwise you'll continue to see Josh Smith getting 20+ points on a bunch of breakaway dunks. I'm starting to really like this Hawks team. They definitely have carried their experience over from last year, and Joe Johnson has quietly become a 2nd-tier superstar (1st tier is the Kobe, Bron types). Should be a good series, I still want this to go 7.

I think the Nuggets are one of the dumbest, mistake prone teams in the playoffs. But there is absolutely no doubt, when they are on, they are ON. Chauncey Billups was Mr. Big Shot for the first time since the 2005 Finals and JR Smith got into his rhythm and hit his shots. It's nice to see Billups actually showing up in the playoffs. As a Pistons fan, you haven't been use to that lately. He finally is playing hungry, as opposed to the overconfident Chauncey. Not much to say about the Hornets, they didn't show up at all. If Tyson Chandler isn't healthy, they don't have much of a chance to win.

76ers 100, Magic 98
Dwight Howard dominated this game as expected, and it didn't matter. 31 points, 16 rebounds, yet still down the stretch they go to Hedo Turkoglu. I don't get it, perimeter guys always seem to have something against feeding the big man down the stretch. He's the best player, he should have the ball. Iguodala stepped up big after blowing 2 free throws to hit a heavily contested step back jumper. I honestly didn't know he was capable of such a move. Louis Williams quietly had a solid game off the bench as well. But the game changer was Donyell Marshall, as awkward as that sounds. He had 3 triples, the biggest of which tied the game up with less than a minute to play. And I forgot to mention that the Magic were up 18 late into this game. I stopped watching around then so I don't know how they lost it, but they completely blew that lead. It was toe-to-toe of the last 2-3 minutes of that game. After a loss like that, Orlando should wake up and beat Philly down. But the 76ers have proven they aren't a joke.

Celtics 118, Bulls 115
Unfortunately I spent most of this game in class. Late classes are just as bad as early class, except you miss good television as well as being extremely fatigued. Class actually went well despite my group being unprepared. When in doubt, throw the guy who isn't there under the bus. And keep backing up over him.

Back to the game, the Bulls once again scared the Celtics. Ray Allen was dead until he went to the locker room, popped in a VHS of He Got Game, and came out in the 2nd half as Jesus Shuttlesworth. That man was on fire, 28 points in a half is impressive. And the most impressive thing about the performance, it took some attention off the fact that he was getting absolutely flamed on defense. Ben Gordon was hitting almost everything he put up, and went toe-to-toe with Allen. That three at the end for "Jesus" was beautiful.

Not good news for the Celtics that they didn't look like the home team or the defending champs at any point during these first 2 games. You know the United Center (I think that's the name) is going to be rocking because these Bulls fans think they have a chance. And they are more than right. Leon Powe is now out with ACL tear, so the Celtics have to rely on Mikki Moore as a backup big man. As Bernie Mack said in Playa's Club "It's bout to be some trouble, trouble."

Spurs 105, Mavericks 84
I didn't watch this game. It was a blowout from the beginning. At no point during the game did the Mavericks consider stopping Tony Parker. He was just walking to the hole. Nothing else to say. I got finals to study for.

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