Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Super Bowl Picks

Brothers from another

Playoff Record: 5-5

I'm taking the Steelers. There are plenty of reasons why, the defense, the lack of belief in the Cardinals, Ben Roethlisberger's winning history, Omar Epps as the coach. But the most importantly, my mom likes them. And like D-Wade says, if my mama like it, I like it.

Steelers 28 Cardinals 21

Losses to the Celtics and just recently the Cavs. Yeah, they aren't a good team anymore. Nothing else I need say on this situation. Blowing a 4th quarter lead with LeBron on the bench because you refuse to close out on Danielle Gibson (aka Damon Jones 2.0) and can't guard a pick and roll is inexcusable. Nice to see Mike Curry finish the game with a completely different line-up each time. I just want him to do something smart once.

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