Monday, May 11, 2009

May 19th Will Be A Good Day

I buy about one album a year, but that will change the week of May 19th. You get the much anticipated and recently leaked Relapse from Eminem, as well as another album from hip hop's most entertaining duo. Blackout 2? How about a How High 2? I love that movie. Tracks I've heard from the album have been promising, especially the cuts featuring Raekwon & Ghost and the track with UGK. Can't really go wrong with this album from 2 legends.

I've already heard (and downloaded...and burned) Relapse, but I will support good music and buy the actual disc. I don't feel like reviewing it, because I'd just be talking to myself, but it was a pretty good album. 3AM has grown on me since I've heard the entire thing, and Beautiful might be the best song on the album. Got to love the random Christopher Reeves shots on the CD. It's kind of strange seeing him talk about the same things he did almost 10 years ago, in terms of pop culture, but that's just Em. Nick Cannon recently caught feelings because of some lyrics about him and Mariah carry on the track entitled Bagpipes from Baghdad. Overall, I'd give the album a 4/5.

Laying here trying to enjoy this Hawks/Cavs game. It's really not a game, Atlanta is scared of the Cavs.

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